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Before Your Round:

  • Check-in at the pro-shop before starting your round.

  • Call the pro-shop to reserve a tee time (recommended).


Dress Code:

  • Please wear collared shirts and shoes for your round.

  • Metal spikes are not allowed.


Golf Cart Rentals:

  • Carts are available for rent for both members and non-members.

  • Drivers must be at least 16 years old.


Cart Usage Guidelines:

  • Always drive with caution and maintain at least 20 yards distance from greens whenever possible.

  • Follow the cart usage sign located near the first tee for specific instructions:

    • 90 degrees: You can drive on the rough to reach the fairway from the cart path.

    • Cart paths only: Stay on the cart path or the rough, avoiding the fairway altogether.

  • On holes 4 & 8, keep your cart on the designated cart path throughout the entire hole.

  • After your round, please remove your belongings and return the cart key to the pro-shop.

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