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All players are required to sign in at the pro-shop before starting their round.  Tee times are available by calling the pro-shop.


Dress Code:

Shoes and sleeved shirts are required for course play.  Metal spikes are prohibited.


Golf Cart Usage:

The club has golf carts available for rental by both members and the general public.  When driving a golf cart on the course:


1. You must be at least 16 years of age to drive any cart on the course.


2. Please drive carts with caution at all times and keep carts at least 20 yards away from the greens where possible.


3. Please abide by the golf cart usage sign to the left of the first tee.  This will indicate either 90 degrees, meaning drive the cart in the rough entering the fairway only to get to your ball, or cart paths only.  If it says cart paths only, please drive your cart on a cart path or in the rough only.


4. For all rounds, please keep your cart on the cart path only for holes 4 & 8.


5. We request that you remove all personal items and debris from rental carts and return the key to the pro shop at the end of your round.

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