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The Coudersport Golf Club found its home on a former Gray Chemical Company farm. This 143-acre plot was ideal for a golf course. A natural spring provided a steady stream of cool water, a farmhouse offered potential for a caretaker's cottage, and a large barn could be converted into a clubhouse with showers for both men and women – an important feature as local women enthusiastically supported the project.

Other existing structures and the land itself held promise with some renovation. An added bonus was a twelve-year-old evergreen plantation, perfect for landscaping the course.

The plan was ambitious: clear land, remove rocks and build greens and fairways in the fall of 1935 for a spring 1936 opening. L.G. Soper oversaw construction, with Wallace Haupt and Sons tackling much of the heavy lifting.

The course opened its doors in June 1936, welcoming approximately 80 members in its inaugural year.

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