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The Coudersport Golf Club golf course is located on 143 acres of farmland previously owned by the Gray Chemical Company.  At the time of its inception, this site was considered favorable because it had an adequate water supply with an almost always cold running spring, a farmhouse which was to be converted into a neat cottage for the use of the caretaker, and a large barn which was to become a clubhouse with plans for showers for both men and women.  The last point was no doubt considered important as many Coudersport ladies were interested in and supportive of the project from it's earliest days. 


Other buildings and grounds were thought to have possible uses with some modernization.  Also present was a plantation of twelve year old evergreen which could be used of ornamental value at various places on the planned course. 


Early plans included doing some work on the course in the fall of 1935 and have the course ready for play by the spring of 1936.  Among the work being done was clearing land, picking stones, and building greens and fairways.  L.G. Soper was in charge of construction with much of the heavy work being done by Wallace Haupt and Sons.

The course officially opened for play in June 1936.  Membership at the time totaled approximetly 80 members. 

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